Best of The Ex-Girlfriends Club


The Ex-Girlfriends Club Final Show – Vinyl Release Party

Good News/Bad News.  The bad news is The Ex-Girlfriends Club will be playing their final show at The Kenton Club in Portland, OR on May 16th.  The good news is they will be releasing their new album ‘Sun Heart Razor Burn’ on vinyl and giving it away at the show.  Show up early because they will go fast!

The Ex-Girlfriends Club will share the stage with new Portland favs The Reverberations.  Good friend Kyle Morris will be opening.

The Ex-Girlfriends Club on Sliver Records Comp ‘Anarchy In Little Beiruit’

Big thanks to Sliver Records for including The Ex-Girlfriends Club song Evil White Breasts on their newest comp entitle Anarchy In Little Beiruit with a ton of great Portland bands including, The Cry, Fireballs of Freedom, Don’t, P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S., The Thornes and tons more.

Check it out here:

The Ex-Girlfriends Club play Rigsketball, land on comp

Who would have guessed that The Ex-Girlfriends Club would get their asses kicked by Hustle and Drone in their debut at Rigsketball, but when the 6’5” Albatross went down with a sore back the week before we knew we were screwed.  Luckily we can say that we got beaten by one of the teams that ended up in the championship!  The big winners are all the fans that get to enjoy one of the best comps of 2013.  Check it out on Bandcamp with tons of amazing bands like Typhoon, Aan, The We Shared Milk, And And And, TxE, Animal Eyes, Trick Sensei, Wooden Indian Burial Ground, Mannequinhead, Ed and the Red Reds, Fanno Creek, Soul Ipsum, Hustle & Drone, Bevelers, Sort Ultra, Rio Grands, Mr. Tang, The Morals, Souvenir Driver, Thanks, Otis Heat, The Hague, Skip Roxy, Eidolons, Vultures in the Sky, Brownish Black, A Happy Death, Charts, Con Bro Chill, The Suicide Notes, and DoublePlusGood.